Out on the town!

I have been so fortunate to find a great, fun group of friends here in the DC area. For many of us, this is a time of exciting and nerve-wracking transitions. We have most big life-altering changes covered: engagements, new jobs, job hunting and moving to a different state.  I guess they are called “tumultuous twenties” for a reason. Thursday night, in celebration for my friend Katie starting a new job and another friend wrapping up a big project at work we went in to the city for dinner!

We ate at Oyamel in DC and the food was seriously so so so good!  If you are ever in DC- eat there!

We ordered guacamole with our endless supply of chips and salsa and the guac was prepared for us at the table and then topped with queso… heavenly.


The guacamole barely hit the table before we dug in!

I stole a few bites of this before realizing this was actually part of my friends’ meal! Hate when that happens… Smile


Then I ordered Ceviche with sea bass… it was spicy and delish!


DC has so many delicious restaurants and I better get a move on if I am even going to enjoy a third of them!


Woo! What a week it has been! Last Thursday, my cousin Sarah came to visit from Illinois  and we seriously had a blast!  One of the highlights of her visit was an nighttime tour of the DC monuments! They were lit up and glowing in the night sky backdrop. Sometimes, I still can’t believe I live in such an awesome city (Hello! It’s already been a year!)

No biggie…we just hung out at the White House for a little while on Friday night.


Running up the stairs to Lincoln!


No matter how long I live in this area, I will forever be a tourist.

We had great cousin time and were both sad for her to leave! But we quickly remembered how lucky we are to have great family members that we love and miss. Until next time, cuz!

Once Sarah left, my vacation from reality also came to an abrupt end. I am still working to determine which job I am going to take. I think I will have developments in the next few days so more on that later Winking smile.

Until then. Let me leave you with this super easy, delicious lunch from today:


Spinach with left over corn-off-the-cob, veggie burger, strawberries and feta cheese. I’ll be honest. I was worried this “kitchen sink” approach wouldn’t be appetizing but… somehow it worked! (Notes for my upcoming ACSM Personal Trainer exam in the background!)

Phew! More soon!

Off to a Good Start

Today, started with a visit to the gym with my good friend and roommate, Emily. I was feeling motivated so jumped on the treadmill for a 20 minute workout.

Time Speed
1 4.0 mph
2 6.0 mph
3 9.0 mph
4 4.0 mph
5 6.0 mph
6 9.0 mph
*Continue 4, 6, 9 pattern for 20 minutes.  

After I did a few free weight exercises but was motivated to get home for this


If there is anything my friends know about me, it’s that I luhhhve peanut butter. When I discovered Peanut Butter Cheerios, you know I had to get in on the action. They surely don’t disappoint. I love oats so 90% of my breakfasts involved them and peanut butter drizzled on top. Heaven. Well, now, my new go-to breakfast involves mixing oats with the PB Cheerios with blueberries and almond milk. Simple, yet delicious.

Later in the day, Emily and I decided to head over to our local Goodwill. Our house could use a few pieces of furniture so we decided to go thrift shoppin’. I love a good bargain and the hunt leading up to it! Em found a great desk which meant that I was able to inherit (borrow/store) her old one in my room! So now I have a much needed desk area. It’s perfect. And super cozy.


And now, I’m blogging from this perfect little spot.

Once again…

I have taken a year long hiatus from blogging. Sometimes I get a great idea and want to blog and blog and then other times, I forget to come back… for a year or so. Nevertheless, hopefully this time I am back consistently!  I’m excited to post my kitchen adventures (the successes and “good tries”). I am training for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Denver, Colorado and am changing jobs! It’s a time of transition and I’m excited to document it!

I’m going to do a little behind-the-scenes construction and we’ll be up and running!


This is a test

Well, I jumped out of the stone age and into the high-tech world and got a smartphone. Never thought I would see the day. So I’m trying out the new digs and blogging from my phone! What?!


This was our blondie appetizer. Saturated with chocolate chips. Then, the star of the show: the Matt muffin. It is an English muffin with eggs, sautéed spinach, sausage and tomato jam. Too good.



A Promise is a Promise.

Maybe next time I promise to post again, I should include a deadline. Oops.

Hmm… where to start. Last week my brother made a mess of the kitchen. (I may have helped make the mess. Doubt it though).

But it was so worth it. We made this delicious casserole-type thing with an equally delicious bean salad. The casserole included sweet potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini and squash with melted mozzarella cheese and rosemary.

Then the beans! We used chickpeas, black beans and kidney beans. I’m pretty sure any bean combination would be just fine. We added olive oil, sweet balsamic vinegar, kale (for some extra green), rosemary and thyme and oohhhhh, it was good.

Okay, sounds like the evening was too good to be true, right? I hear ya. Don’t worry, we certainly had our failures. Enter chickpea cookie dough… for real?

When someone claims that you can make “cookie dough” out of healthy ingredients and therefore, give me license to eat “cookie dough” with reckless abandon well, I have to test it out. This one was a huge failure- more like sweet humus. Gross. Eventually, we just picked out all the chocolate chips and threw it out. So the search continues…

In the mean time, I’m trying to figure out what to put on the blog. Food is good but should I add more about my life? How much is too much? More about post-college? More about health? Just trying to find my voice here. I’ll keep you posted. And this time, I really will post again soon.

Something I love right now: Cheesy songs and when boys dance to them.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEWVwgDnuzE Watch this.

And We’re Back!

Wow. How time flies! It could take days- weeks, months even- to catch up on this semester so for the sake of good quality entertainment and keeping my reader(s?) happy, here are the highlights since the last post. I have…

Traveled to Charlotte, NC to see my best friend and favorite band LIVE!


Attended a murder mystery party,

Traveled to St. John for an Alternative Spring Break Trip,

Traveled to Salt Lake City, UT for a research conference,

Traveled to Normal, IL for my cousins confirmation,

(No pictures just yet)

Traveled to Washington DC for an AmeriCorps Interview, 

Ran 3.1 Miles up a Mountain!

(haha I was really fighting it… and an 8 year old was about to pass me.)

Look Familiar? Maybe this will jog your memory:

When Forrest Gump runs across the country, he runs up Grandfather Mountain… exactly where the race was. Pretty cool!


Talk about exciting things going on. It’s been a whirlwind and I am so blessed to have these awesome experiences this semester! More  to come soon!